About Us

SocialLab is a group of research scientists, data and AI professionals, and industry analysts. They are dedicated to deliver unique contributions in the field of “artificial intelligence for social good” by applying latest technologies and digital transformation strategies in different industries including media, healthcare, finance and society.

Working with DW Akademie, SocialLab is contributing to the Refugees Open Data Platform as a part of its COVID intelligent project using their mixed-social-science models and applying different social network analysis and text intelligence techniques and methodologies.

Together with SocialLab, DW Akademie developed the mission and goals of this open-data platform. Our projects in Lebanon include the development of platforms for exchange between different social groups with a focus on young people and refugees. We also support innovative solutions to foster public dialogue, especially in times of crisis.

DW Akademie is Deutsche Welle’s center for international media development, journalism training and knowledge transfer. Its projects strengthen the human right to freedom of expression and unhindered access to information. DW Akademie empowers people worldwide to make independent decisions based on reliable facts and constructive dialogue.

This project is part of the global initiative "Transparency and media freedom - Crisis resilience in the pandemic" supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).